Dr. Colman to General Jackson.
Warrenton, Va, April 21st, 1824.

Dear Sir: Being one of the six members of the Virginia Assembly in the caucus last winter who voted for you as a fit and proper person to be supported by the people of the State for the presidency of the United States, and having since heard that you are in favor of the "protecting duty policy," I take the liberty of desiring you to inform me whether you intend voting for the Tariff Bill now before Congress.  I wish to have information on the subject as soon as your convenience will permit, that I may answer the Fredericksburg Committee who invite my cooperation in getting up a ticket for the Hero of New Orleans.  In this county you have many friends, and some think your support will be better in Petersburg than in any of the contiguous counties.  We are anti-Tariff here; and candor requires me to say that should you be the advocate of a measure to which our interest is evidently opposed -- the zeal with which you have been hitherto supported will be relaxed.

I am, &c., L.H. Colman.

General Jackson to Dr. Colman.
Washington City,
April 26th, 1824.

Sir: I have had the honor this day to receive your letter of the 21st instant, and with candor shall reply to it.  My name has been brought before the nation by the people themselves without any agency of mine: for I wish it not to be forgotten that I have never solicited office, nor when called upon by the constituted authorities have ever declined where I conceived my services would be beneficial to my country.  But as my name has been brought before the nation for the first office in the gift of the people, it is incumbent on me, when asked, frankly to declare my opinion upon any political or national question pending before and about which the country feels an interest.

You ask me my opinion on the Tariff.  I answer, that I am in favor of a judicious examination and revision of it;  and so far as the Tariff before us embraces the design of fostering, protecting, and preserving within ourselves the means of national defense and independence, particularly in a state of war, I would advocate and support it.  The experience of the late war ought to teach us a lesson;  and one never to be forgotten.  If our liberty and republican form of government, procured for us by our revolutionary fathers, are worth the blood and treasure at which they were obtained, it surely is our duty to protect and defend them.  Can there be an American patriot, who saw the privations, dangers, and difficulties experienced for the want of a proper means of defense during the last war, who would be willing again to hazard the safety of our country if embroiled;  or rest it for defense on the precarious means of national resources to be derived from commerce, in a state of war with a maritime power which might destroy that commerce to prevent our obtaining the means of defense, and thereby subdue us ?  I hope there is not;  and if there is, I am sure he does not deserve to enjoy the blessing of freedom.

Heaven smiled upon, and gave us liberty and independence.  That same providence has blessed us with the means of national independence and national defense.  If we omit or refuse to use the gifts which He has extended to us, we deserve not the continuation of His blessings.  He has filled our mountains and our plains with minerals -- with lead, iron, and copper, and given us a climate and soil for the growing of hemp and wool.  These being the grand materials of our national defense, they ought to have extended to them adequate and fair protection, that our own manufactories and laborers may be placed on a fair competition with those of Europe;  and that we may have within our own country a supply of those leading and important articles so essential to war.  Beyond this, I look at the Tariff with an eye to the proper distribution of labor and revenue;  and with a view to discharge our national debt.  I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic;  inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.

This Tariff -- I mean a judicious one -- possesses more fanciful than real dangers.  I will ask what is the real situation of the agriculturalist ?  Where has the American farmer a market for his surplus products ?  Except for cotton he has neither a foreign nor a home market.  Does not this clearly prove, when there is no market either at home or abroad, that there is too much labor employed in agriculture ? and that the channels of labor should be multiplied ?  Common sense points out at once the remedy.  Draw from agriculture the superabundant labor, employ it in mechanism and manufactures, thereby creating a home market for your breadstuffs, and distributing labor to a most profitable account, and benefits to the country will result.  Take from agriculture in the United States six hundred thousand men, women, and children, and you at once give a home market for more breadstuffs than all Europe now furnishes us.  In short, sir, we have been too long subject to the policy of the British merchants.  It is time we should become a little more Americanized, and instead of feeding the paupers and laborers of Europe, feed our own, or else in a short time, by continuing our present policy, we shall all be paupers ourselves.

It is, therefore, my opinion that a careful Tariff is much wanted to pay our national debt, and afford us the means of that defense within ourselves on which the safety and liberty of our country depend;  and last, though not least, give a proper distribution to our labor, which must prove beneficial to the happiness, independence, and wealth of the community.

This is a short outline of my opinions, generally, on the subject of your inquiry, and believing them correct and calculated to further the prosperity and happiness of my country, I declare to you I would not barter them for any office or situation of a temporal character that could be given me.

I have presented you my opinions freely, because I am without concealment, and should indeed despise myself if I could believe myself capable of acquiring the confidence of any by means so ignoble.

I am, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant,
Andrew Jackson.

1832 election campaign
Chillicothe Advertiser-----Extra.
"The Union---It Must Be Preserved."--Jackson.

For President, Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee.
For Vice-President, Martin Van Buren, of New York.
Nominated by the Democratic Republican Party of the United States.

Americans, Friends Of The Union, Of Jackson, & The Constitution, On Friday 2nd of November, You will be called upon to exercise the rights of Freeman, in voting for Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States ----

Rights which are denied the people of the old world, and were purchased for you by the best blood of our fathers in the war of the Revolution. Let no trivial excuse keep you from the polls --- On the vote you will then give, may depend the fate of millions yet unborn. Coalitions Have been formed, and bargains have been made by men of Hartford Convention stamp, the advocates for a consolidation of the National government at the North, with the Nullifiers, the disunionists at the South --- Leading anti-mason and leading masons have agreed to give each other their mutual support for office --- And the Mammoth Bank, the stock of which is owned by English Lords and American Tories, has boldly proclaimed that It Will Put Down The People's President, because he is in favor of giving us the power to tax that bank the same as we tax our own banks.

It has set up its Feed Lawyers as candidates for office, hired its Printers, and sent out its dependent shavers and borrowers to alarm the timid about the prices of produce and labor, which we all know that both have risen to be of nearly double value under Jackson as President, what they formerly were in 1825, '6 & '7, under Adams & Clay. Do you wonder the bank has so many advocates ? The Bank Pays Well. Did you doubt it ? Ask Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John Sergeant, & James Wilson, of Steubenville, who were once its most Bitter Enemies, and are now its most Devoted Friends ! To Put Down the man who dares thus to do his duty to his country in despite of all opposition, and whom money cannot bribe, and men in arms cannot alarm, a resort has been had to intrigues the most unwarrantable, to plots the most despicable, and to combinations the most unnatural: And In Defiance Of Heaven Itself, the leader of this combination has dared to invoke the direst curses upon his country.

Will You Tamely Look On ?

In less than four years, President Jackson has recovered more money from foreign governments, for injuries done our commerce, than all other Presidents before him; and has paid more of the Public Debt, and expended more on Internal Improvements, than any other President has done in the same time, besides reducing the taxes on sugar, tea, coffee, salt, &c.

Fellow Citizens--

Rally then to the Polls, and vote for the Hero, the Soldier, the Patriot, the Sage who presides over our beloved country---the Guardian of her Constitution---the Protector of her Treasury---the tried Friend of the Poor---the Foe of Aristocracy---the Champion of Liberty and Equality---the Foe of Monarchy and Monopolies---the Practical Statesman, and the object of admiration and respect throughout the civilized world.

Democracy Triumphant!!! The Grand Coalition Prostrated !

Lucas is elected by at least 7000 majority, 11 out of 19 members of Congress, and a majority of at least 12 in the Ohio Legislature, friendly to Andrew Jackson, are elected.

Gratitude, Glory And Patriotism!!

The Bank party are prostrated in their strong hold. In Pennsylvania, Wolf is elected by rising 4000, and the State is certain for Jackson by a majority of at least 20,000.

Jacksonians !

Your enemies will fill the land with newspapers, and handbills, and circulars, and falsehoods---Trust them not---They Will Attempt To Deceive You By False Tickets ! Be not deceived---below you will find the correct Ticket. Awake, ye that sleep ! Arouse, ye who slumber ! Shake off your apathy, ye who are careless!! We have triumphed in the state elections in Maine, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

To The Polls, then!---Onward!---Come yourselves---Bring Your Neighbors, one and all, and success is certain !