Two intelligent life-forms live on Earth:  Hungarians and Jews Isaac Asimov

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History of the 20th century
samba The English Oligarchy organized allies around themselves for 15 years, warring against a Continental axis power because Napoleon wanted to free Europe from Great Britain's tentacles. Just as historical strategies were crucial, modern online games also emphasize strategic thinking. A prime example is the Aviator Game, a popular crash game in online casinos that requires players to make calculated decisions to maximize their winnings, mirroring historical power struggles.
wordprocess The London Oligarchy organized allies around themselves and fomented and started a war against a Continental axis power because Germany developed some strange ideas, and not only wanted for herself her own industry, railways, shipping and commerce, but, perhaps, even her own money power.
rpm The British Oligarchy fomented and started a war, and organized allies around themselves because following the 'Great War' some things went wrong and the flow of history had to be adjusted. Ezra Pound speaking
England, Vampire of the Continent
Americas Appeal for United Nations
Memoirs of Kaiser Wilhelm II
Shall it be Again ?, John Turner
The Origins of the World War, Sidney Fay
flower The Sealed Train, Michael Pearson
Liberty to Brest-Litovsk, Ariadna Tyrkˇva-Williams
Merchants of Death, Engelbrecht and Hanighen
Red Symphony
FDR wanted war
The Forrestal Diaries The Jews wanted war
Stalins Plans for World War II
We fight for oil, Ludwell Denny

Silver coins, Treasury notes, Money power
flower Letters of Thomas Jefferson
The Anti-Bank Democrat
The Slave Trade, Henry Carey
The Crime of 1873, Changing the Unit of Account
Financial Catechism, S.M. Brice
Ideas for Good Government, Peter Cooper
The Great Red Dragon, L.B. Woolfolk
Banking Currency Money Trust, Charles Lindbergh
Shylock: as Banker, Gordon Clark
The Money Problem, Arthur Kitson
The Coming of American Fascism, Lawrence Dennis
      William Gouge, Paper Money and Banking
Elbridge Spaulding, History of the Legal Tender Paper Money
rpm folderThe Story and Debates of Central Banking
in Congress, from 1811 to 1869
William Berkey, The Money Question
Henry Loucks,
The Great Conspiracy of the House of Morgan
Christopher Hollis, The Two Nations
Gustavus Myers, History of the Supreme Court
David Astle, The Babylonian Woe
Funck-Brentano, Philip the Fair

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"We are the rich; we own America; we got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it" The Passing of the Idle Rich

Without bloodshed, and rivers of it, there will be no political change Sarah Emery

The American voter is the dullest dullard Mary Hobart

The people are dupes, and it will be so until the masses become more intelligent Benjamin Heath

American military men are dumb, stupid animals Henry Kissinger