The Great Red Dragon L.B. Woolfolk



III.  Third Proof :  Coincidences of Fact.

We have now seen the twenty Parallelisms of Character by which the Great Red Dragon is proved to be the symbol of the London Money Power.  But these Parallelisms are only part of the evidence.  We have seen that a symbol is also identified with the power symbolized, by Coincidences of Fact, where certain things are stated of the symbol, which represent similar things that are true of the power symbolized.  There are twenty-two Coincidences of Fact, which prove that the Money Power is the Imperialism symbolized by the Great Red Dragon.  These will now be presented :—

1st.  The Dragon and Beast.

First Coincidence of Fact :—In the 13th Chapter of Revelation, it is said “the dragon gave to the beast his power, and his seat and great authority.”  And again, “they worshipped the dragon which gave power to the beast.”

It has already been explained how, according to the 13th and 17th Chapters of Revelation, the Roman empire is to be re-established under the dominion of Prussia, extended over Southern and Western Europe.  And it is here stated how the Roman empire is to be re-established under the headship of Prussia,—“the Dragon gave to the Beast [Prussia] his power, and his seat and great authority.”

This Establishment of the Prussian Empire over Southern and Western Europe by the aid of the London Money Power is not yet accomplished ;  but it is so near in the future that we may now see the means of fulfilment.  We know that the loans of the London Money Power to the nations of Europe enable them to keep up their standing armies, and to meet the expenses of war.  No country in Europe can sustain a war without the loans of the Money Power.  In the great war of 1870, between Prussia and France, all the world thought France would be the victor, because she had the greater financial resources.  But the Money Power gave to Prussia unlimited loans, and enabled her to put two millions of men into the field, so that she crushed France like an eggshell, in a campaign of only a little more than four months.

If we now observe the state of Europe, we shall perceive that its present condition indicates that the great nations are on the eve of a great war ;  in which Prussia and her allies will triumph through the aid of the Money Power.

Europe is Now Divided Into Two Hostile Camps :

Russia and France, on the one side ;  and Prussia and Britain, and Austria and Italy on the other.  Of these two coalitions, Russia and France are, in respect of military force, much the more powerful.  They are able to bring into the field, in round numbers, six million soldiers ;  while Prussia and her allies can only bring into the field, in round numbers, four million men.

But the Money Power is a New Force in the Field.  It alone has imperial power in our age, sustaining kings, and in war giving the victory by its loans, where it pleases.  No nation in Europe can put forth all its strength in war, without the loans of the Money Power.  And, in the great war now impending in Europe, the aid of the Money Power will be given to Prussia and her allies.  Loans will be refused to France and Russia, and those powers will be unable, for want of money, to bring their vast forces into the field.  Prussia and her allies will have unlimited loans, and will be able to equip and keep in the field all their forces :  the sure result will be that Prussia and her allies will be the victors in the conflict ;  and Prussia will become imperial over Southern and Western Europe.

In the New Era of the Imperialism of the Money Power, it needs a grand imperial government that can enforce its demands all over the earth.  The British government is now its subservient instrument ;—but Great Britain is not sufficiently powerful to enforce its demands against the great nations of the earth.  It needs a more powerful nation to be its instrument.  And Germany, under the headship of Prussia, is the nation it has chosen.

The Pamphlet given me, in England, shows the desire of the Money Power to have a great Imperialism capable of ruling the world, to further and support its claims.  The writer of the pamphlet said that, in order to support the claims of British capitalists, it was necessary for England to be the most powerful nation on the globe ;  and that it was the policy of England, in order to this end, that the nations should be divided up into small states, so that England could subdue and control them.

In the Table of Contents of the pamphlet, appear the following headings :—“England has a Money Interest in Every Nation.”  “Every War a War upon England.”  “England Should invariably Chastise.”  “English Rule a Blessing to Foreign Nations.”—The writer proceeds :—

“ Having her property [the property of the Money Kings] dispersed all over the earth, England should, for her own protection, constitute herself the police of the world ;  as she is the carrier, the banker, the merchant, the Annuitant, the post-office of the world.  When the outrage of war is committed on England's commerce,—that is, whenever any war is undertaken,—it should be the standing order of the people of England to their public servants that, the instant any country marches an army across its own border, the English fleet in the district shall blockade every port of the offending power, and if necessary, bombard the maritime towns ;  that the British fleet throughout the world shall seize upon and make prize of everything afloat belonging to the offender ;  and further, that a British army shall, without a moment's delay, be sent to assist the nation invaded, and protect our property.”

The writer next proceeds to set forth the power of Great Britain to maintain this imperial position. He sets forth the resources of Britain under three heads,—“Naval Supremacy :”  “The Military Character of the People” and “The Wealth of England.”—He says :—

“England is the only nation which has at all times maintained its army without a conscription.  * * * * * No one doubts our means of supplying the waste of war.  The cost [of the Crimean war] that has crippled Russia for twenty years, has never for a moment been felt by us.  The large outlay during the Crimean war did not curtail the smallest luxury of the poorest Englishman.  The war was thoroughly popular, as all wars are in England.  There is no instance of public meetings to protest against a war ;  for the people of England often urge a war, but never tire of one.”

The writer of the pamphlet advocates the breaking up of all the great powers (this was in 1864), into small states, which could not resist the power of Great Britain.  He says :—

“A combination of such states as Denmark, Holland and Belgium would give us little more trouble than a Caffir war, or an attack by the Maories of New Zealand.  * * * * * It is England's interest then that there shall be no large territories ;  and, fortunately, nature has limited within comparatively narrow bounds the extent of country which can most beneficially embrace one community.  * * * * * England can avail herself of these natural limits without the slightest injury to mankind ;  and should never fail to assist every people who are struggling for a separate existence.”

This writer represents the interest of the Money Power. His statements show that the Money Power feels the need of a great Imperialism able to dominate all nations, in order to further and guard its interest.  This writer evidently hoped that Great Britain would become such an Imperialism, by breaking up the great nations of the earth, fomenting discontents, and supporting revolts.—But the tendency throughout Europe and America is toward the growth of great nations.  It is now evident that Great Britain is not powerful enough to dominate the earth.

But the Money Power desires such an Imperialism as its agent, as is evident from the foregoing quotations.  Such an Imperialism is indispensable to it.  And as there is no hope of Great Britain becoming such an overmastering Imperialism, the Money Power has chosen Prussia to become its grand Imperial Agent in the future, and is raising Prussia to imperial power for that purpose.  Hence it aided Prussia by its loans to crush France ;  and it is now preparing, by its policy and its loans, to exalt Prussia to an imperialism over Southern and Western Europe.

Thus will be fulfilled the statement of prophecy :—“The dragon [the Money Power] gave to the beast [the Prussian empire] his power, and his seat and great authority,” i.e. imperial dominion.

Second Coincidence of Fact :—We see from the Dragon giving power to the Beast, that the Dragon does not symbolize a political power.

For one political power never gives power to another, but exercises it itself.  Thus, France will not give political power to Spain, nor Great Britain to Ireland, nor Russia to Poland.  Political powers always exercise their own political power, and will not give it to another state.  If the Dragon were a political power, it would not give power to the Beast [the Prussian empire], but would exercise it itself.

This fact harmonizes perfectly with the Dragon being the symbol of the Money Power.  The Money Power is not a political Imperialism.  It needs some political government as its political agent, to legislate in its interest, and fight its battles.

The two foregoing Coincidences of Fact are already in part fulfilled.  The Money Power has not yet raised Prussia to imperial rule over Southern and Western Europe.  The work is not yet completed.  But it is begun, and is far on the way toward accomplishment.  The Money Power, by its loans, enabled Prussia to crush Austria and France.  Its loans have enabled her to re-establish the German empire, and from being the weakest of the five great powers, to become the mightiest power in Europe.  It only needs one more step, which will be taken in the next war in Europe ;  and then, the Money Power will have completed its work, and given to Prussia imperial power and dominion over Southern and Western Europe.—So much is already done, that we can readily see the way to the single remaining step.

2nd.  The Two Horned Beast.

There is presented in the 13th chapter of Revelation, another beast, a Two Horned Beast, which is seen “coming up out of the earth.”

This Beast has been the vix crucis of expositors.  No expositor has ever applied it to any power that has yet risen, to the satisfaction of himself, or others.  This Beast is the Dragon.

John says of it :—“I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth.  * * * * * And he spake as a dragon.  * * * * * and he causes the earth, and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed.”

1.  I prove that the Two Horned Beast is the dragon by Three Marks, mentioned in the above passage :—

I.) The first mark that proves that this Beast is the Dragon, is the manner in which John saw it “coming up out of the earth.”—This is the action of a serpent, not of a quadruped.  When John saw the Beast rise up out of the Sea, the action was instantaneous :  “I saw a beast rise up out of the Sea.”  The beast rose out of the Sea, and that was the end of its rising.  But it was different with this Two Horned Beast :  John “beheld” it for a long time ;  and all the time he “beheld” it, it was “coming up out of the earth,”—This slow crawl out of the ground is the action of a serpent crawling up out of its den, and of nothing else.

2.) I identify this Two Horned Beast with the Dragon by its voice :  “He spake as a dragon.”—Now, we know a horse by its neigh, and a chicken by its crow, as well as by sight ;  and we recognize a serpent by its hiss.  In all nature, a serpent is the only beast whose voice is a hiss.  If this beast spake as a dragon, it hissed ;  for a hiss is the only sound a serpent utters.  The Two Horned Beast hissed :  It was the Dragon.

But we are not left to inference on this point.

3.) That this Two Horned Beast is the Dragon, is established beyond the possibility of a doubt by Divine inspiration representing it as doing the same thing the dragon had just before, in the same Chapter, been represented as doing.—It has just before been stated that the Dragon gave to the Beast whose deadly wound was healed “his power, and his seat and great authority.”  And here, it is said, this Two Horned Beast “causeth the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed.”—This is just the same thing the Dragon does :  The dragon gave to the beast whose deadly wound was healed imperial power :  this Two Horned Beast causeth all men to render to the imperial beast worship or homage.—The act is the same in both instances :  this Two Horned Beast is the Dragon.

I have been careful to prove the identity of this Two Horned Beast with the Dragon, because,

2.  There are eight Coincidences of Fact between this Two Horned Beast and the Money Power ;  and all of them so remarkable as to make it absolutely certain that this Two Horned Beast is the symbol of the Money Power.

1.) The following is the text respecting this Two Horned Beast :—

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth :

“And he had two horns like a lamb :

“And he spake as a dragon.

“And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, ['i.e., in his presence']

“and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

“And he doeth great wonders, so that he causeth fire to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

“And [he] deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by those miracles [or wonders] which he had power to do in the sight of the beast ;

“saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and causeth that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads :  and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

“Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast :  for it is the number of a man ;  and his number is six hundred and three score and six.  Revelation xiii :  11-18.

2) Let us note the Coincidences of Fact, presented between this Two Horned Beast and the Money Power :—

Third Coincidence of Fact :—“He had two horns like a lamb.”—In prophecy, a horn is a symbol of a kingdom or political power.  Thus, the ten horns symbolize the Ten Kingdoms of Modern Europe within the territories of the Roman empire.  The two horns on the head of the Persian Ram, (Dan. viii,) symbolize the two kingdoms of Media and Persia, united in the Persian empire.  So here, these Two Horns on the head of the Serpent, symbolize two kingdoms whose power the Dragon wields.  The horns being lamb-like horns, indicates that the two kingdoms under the control of the Serpent are especially Christian kingdoms.

These two horns symbolize the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, which were united, in the reign of Queen Anne, into the United-kingdoms of Great Britain.  Great Britain is the name, then established by law, for the two united kingdoms of England and Scotland.  And these are the two most preeminently Christian kingdoms in the world.

Prophecy only recognizes England and Scotland as the two horns on the head of the Dragon.  The Money Power rules Great Britain with absolute sway.  The British Parliament always registers its will.  No matter what party is in power, Great Britain always legislates for trade, and, when necessary, fights for trade.  When the Landed Aristocracy ruled the country, they had Corn Laws, to keep up the price of grain for the benefit of the Land Owners.  But when the Money Power wanted free trade in grain and provisions, for the benefit of manufacturers and merchants, Parliament submitted to its will, and threw over the policy of the Tory Landed Aristocracy.

The Tory party, representing the landed Aristocracy, has had to advance to the ground of the Money Power, and plant itself on the platform of the Whigs, in order to live.  The British Parliament is now the creature of the Money Power.  The Money Power rules Great Britain.  Prophecy, with striking fidelity to fact, represents Great Britain,—England and Scotland,—as the two horns on the head of the Serpent.

Fourth Coincidence of Fact :John saw this two Horned Serpent “coming up out of the earth.”—He looked at it for a long time,“beheld” it,—and all the time he “beheld” it, it was still “coming up out of the earth.”  It was always crawling up out of the ground, but never got entirely out.  Though constantly crawling up out of the ground, a part of it always remained in the ground.—This is a strange and, seemingly, impossible state of facts,—a snake always crawling up out of its den, and yet never getting entirely out.  And yet this strange thing is true of the Money Power.

The Money Power always acts through joint stock corporations.  The stockholders and bondholders of the various corporations all over the world, are in London.  There is the Serpent's den.  The stockholders are hidden from the world in their den.  The world only sees the directors and the officers of the corporations, and their hired operatives.—But as the stockholders make more money, they organize more corporations, and elect more directors, and more officers, and employ more operatives.  So that the Serpent is constantly growing greater in its den ;  and as it grows in the den, more of its body crawls up out of the den, and becomes visible to the public eye.

What a strange astonishing similitude is this !  and yet it fits the Money Power perfectly.  And it will not suit any other power that has ever risen upon the earth.  God foresaw the action of the Money Power, and He chose a symbol that resembles it perfectly, and mentioned facts respecting the symbol that exactly suit the Money Power.—It must be a terrible monster which Divine Omniscience took such pains to point out, by making its symbol unmistakable.

Fifth Coincidence of Fact :—The Two Horned Serpent “exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him,”—or in his presence.—The first beast, as we have seen, is the Prussian empire ;  and the statement in the text means that the Money Power will exercise all the power of the Prussian empire in the presence of the empire.

We can Understand how the Money Power will Wield the Power of the Prussian Empire, by observing the manner in which it is now exercising the power of the British empire.  In Great Britain, the Money Power is the power behind the Throne, greater than the Throne.  It wields the power of the British government by controlling the Parliament, and has been doing so for more than a century.  It is avowed that the British government is administered in the interests of the manufacturing and commercial classes.  No matter what party is in power, all parties alike do the will of the Money Power.

We had, a few years ago, a remarkable instance of the subserviency of the British government to the Money Kings.  When Disraeli was Prime Minister, the Tory Administration entered upon a new career of bold imperialism, in its treatment of other countries.  This imperial policy of the Tories was stigmatized by the Liberal party as “Jingoism.”  Gladstone appealed to the moral sentiment of the Liberals, who are the most religious portion of the British population, against the “Jingoism” of the Tories, and unseated them from power on that issue alone.  But immediately after the Gladstone administration came into power, it outjingoed Jingo.

It happened that the Khedive of Egypt was unable to pay the interest on his debt to the Money Kings.  Those capitalists appealed to the British government ;  and the Gladstone Administration at once proceeded to enforce their claims against Egypt.  It did what had never been done before by the British government.  It invaded Egypt, conquered the country, discrowned the Khedive, and administered the government in the interest of the Money Power.  The British government debased itself to become “receiver” for the Money Kings.

And this high handed outrage upon a weak state was justified before the world by the plea that it was necessary, in order that those imperial capitalists might receive the interests on their loans.  And so thoroughly established is this grand Imperialism of Capital, that all the nations of Europe accepted this plea as perfect justification.

A Principle is Established in this Transaction that is full of Menace to the Nations of the Earth.  It is now recognized as an established principle that the monetary claims of the Money Power are higher than the right to national existence ! !  So long as a country which the Money Power has ruined can pay the interest on its debts—well.—But when it is reduced to bankruptcy, and can no longer pay the interest, it thereby forfeits its national existence ;  and the Money Power has a right to have it conquered, in order to secure its debt ! ! !

This is the logic of the conquest of Egypt !  It is well for the nations to ponder it ! ! !

The British Government also Conquered Burmah, three years ago, in the interest of the Money Power.  The cause of the conquest was kept quiet until, last year, a Mr. Robert Sutherland, in making a trip from India to England, passed through the United States, and in an interview with the reporter of a New York paper stated the facts.

Mr. Sutherland stated to the reporter that he is “Resident Manager of the Burmah and Bombay Trading Corporation, one of the largest Trading Companies [of the Money Power] in the East.”  Mr. Sutherland further said :  “Burmah possesses the only Ruby mines in the world, and they are very valuable.  The desire of the French in Tonquin to get control of these, and the Teat forests, led to the recent trouble with King Theebaw, and the overthrow of that monarch's rule.  He repudiated a very large claim against him by the Bombay and Burmah Corporation, claiming that the agents had made false returns.”

And no doubt they did ;  for they defraud and cheat everybody.  But the corporation appealed to the British government.  And, continues Mr. Sutherland :—“To prevent his trading with the French, the British government took up the claim of the Corporation, its members being British subjects, and the war over its enforcement led to Theebaw's capture, and the extension of the British protectorate over the whole of Burmah.”

In plain English, this statement means that this corporation of the Money Power claimed exclusive commercial rights in Burmah.  They cheated the Burman Emperor, making false returns, and when the Burman government exercised its right to abrogate its trade relations with the corporation, the British government, at the instance of the Trading Company, invaded Burmah, dethroned the emperor and sent him prisoner to India, and annexed Burmah as a conquered province.

Some years ago, the British government invaded China, because the Chinese government excluded the opium which the corporations of the Money Power were producing in India, and forced China, at the cannon's mouth, to receive the opium and allow its people to be debauched, in order that the Money Power might continue to reap its profits !

If the British government had conquered China, and made its emperor a captive, and annexed the country to its dominions, the act would have been on a par with the conquest of Egypt and Burmah.  The claims of the Money Power are advancing.  Its imperial policy requires the conquest and complete subjugation of any nation that is ruined by it, or which attempts to resist its oppression !

If any have doubted that this London Money Power is a great Imperialism, they can doubt no longer.  It may have seemed doubtful to some, while I stated its course in the United States, whether the picture of its imperial power might not be overdrawn.  But when we see it reducing Egypt to bankruptcy, and plundering Burmah by fraud, and then having those countries conquered in order to enforce its claims, none can doubt its proud and haughty claims to imperial supremacy.

Great Britain can crush China, and conquer Egypt and Burmah, in the interest of the Money Power.

But Great Britain is not powerful enough to enforce its claims against the United States, or any of the great nations of Europe ;  and hence the necessity, as already mentioned, of the Money Power raising Prussia to imperial dominion, in order to use its power for the enforcement of its claims.  It will have need of the Prussian power to enforce its claims against every country on the globe ;  for it is bankrupting all nations, as it is the United States ;  and every country will have to take ground against it, as Burmah did, or be reduced to bankruptcy like Egypt.  And the fate of resistance, and of bankruptcy, is the same,—the conquest and the annexation of the victim nation.  In this way the Prussian empire would attain to universal dominion, by enforcing the claims of the Money Power.

If the Money Power is not checked in its career, it will carry out its policy to the full extent.  It will bankrupt all the nations of the earth, and have them conquered, and their resources administered by a political imperialism in partnership with the Money Power, which will act as “receiver” for bankrupt nations, as England has done with Egypt.—The people of that empire would, in the end, become its grand agents, and share with it the plunder of the world.

Sixth Coincidence of Fact.This Two Horned Serpent is represented as “saying onto them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the beast that had the wound by a sword and did live.”

For a long time, I was perplexed as to the meaning of this “image of the beast.”  But the meaning is simple and plain.

We have here a remarkable prophecy predicting the representative form of government.  In the age when the Revelation was given, the representative form of government had never been thought of.  The state always acted for itself, through the Monarch, or a Constituent Assembly in which governmental power was vested.  The idea had never occurred to any one to have a representative body in which the governmental power should be vested.  Such a Representative Body, whether called Congress, or Parliament, or by any other name, is the representation or the image of the State.  Each member is the representative or “image” of his constituents, and the whole body is the representative, or “image” of the nation.  A Congress “representing” the nation would naturally, and with strict propriety, be called the image of the nation.

It is astonishing how perfectly all parts of this prophecy hold together.  It is truly wonderful that we should have here, in Revelation, a plain and distinct prediction of the representative form of government, long before it grew up in modern times. This “Image of the Beast” is the Reichstag, or German Parliament, which will be extended over the states of Southern and Western Europe.  All the states that become a part of the German empire will represent themselves in the Reichstag.  This Reichstag will be the representative body, or “Image” of the empire ;  and this “Image” will “speak,” and govern the empire.

It is by means of this Parliament or “Image,” that “the Dragon shall exercise all the power of the” Prussian empire in the presence of the empire.  The Dragon will control the Parliament with its money, and will thus control the Prussian empire, as it has the British empire, during the last century.

Seventh Coincidence of FactThis Two Horned Serpent “ had power to give life to the image of the beast [the imperial Parliament,] that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

1.  That is, the Prusso-German empire will aspire to universal dominion.  Influenced by the Money Power, the Imperial Parliament will enact laws inflicting death upon all who refuse to submit to its sway.  It will be the policy of the Money Power to have a grand universal empire, by means of which it will be able to plunder all nations, and get possession of all the property in the world.

2.  But there is another fact indicated in this statement :—When the German empire shall first be established over Southern and Western Europe, the several nations which enter the empire will retain their independence in respect of all internal affairs, merely entering into a union for trade purposes, and for the administration of foreign relations.—But with the universal tendency of imperial power to centralize itself, the German Parliament will assume ascendancy over the subject states, and will compel all, under penalty of death, to submit to its sway.—And in this encroachment upon the rights of the subject kingdoms, the Dragon will be the active agent, furthering the aims of despotism.

Eighth Coincidence of Fact :—This to Horned Serpent “doeth great wonders, so that he causeth fire to come down from heaven on the earth, in the sight of men.”

This is a startling statement.  I used to think that when the power symbolized by this Two Horned Beast should rise, and begin to “cause fire to come down from heaven,” I would be sure to recognize it ;  for, when it should “cause fire to come down from heaven,” its identity would be unmistakable.

But the Money Power had been “causing fire to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men” for over forty years, before I recognized its identity.  “Fire from heaven” is lightning :  lightning is electricity.  For more than forty years the Money Power has been “causing fire to come down from heaven in the sight of men,” to run the telegraph.  In all our Cities, it “causeth fire to come down from heaven,” to run the electric lights.  In all the cities, and many of the towns, “fire from heaven” runs telephones.  And in many of the cities, electric motors run street cars by “fire from heaven.”

And the Money Power “causeth” all this “fire to come down from heaven.” As fast as any new electric invention is made, the Money Power buys the patent, organizes electrical companies all over the world, and sets the invention in operation.  Edison is evidently its paid agent.  He has spent over a million dollars in electrical experiments.  He has in his laboratory forty assistants, and is expending at least $40,000 a year in his experiments.  He can not personally afford any such outlay.  He must be the agent of the Money Power ;  and as fast as he makes a new invention, they buy it, and put it into operation.  They only paid him $6,ooo a year, for seventeen years, for the telephone—nothing like the value of the invention ;  but enough, seeing that they paid him while experimenting, and supported his laboratory.

The Money Power owns the telegraph lines, the electric light companies, the electric street car companies, and all the applications of electric force.  All over the earth, it constantly “ causeth fire to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men” ! !

Who can doubt that the Two Horned Serpent is the Symbol of the Money Power ?

Ninth Coincidence of Fact :—The Two Horned Serpent “had power to do great miracles” or wonders.

We live in an age of wonders. It is a common expression to speak of the “wonders of steam,” the “wonders of electricity,” the “wonders of mechanical invention.”

And all these “wonders” the Money Power has set in operation by its capital.  It has built the steam ships—the railroads—the telegraph lines—the telephones—the electric railway lines—the water works—the gas works :—and it has set in operation, by its capital, the thousand mechanical wonders in use in every kind of manufactures.

Tenth Coincidence of Fact :—The Two Horned Serpent “deceived them that dwell on the earth as to those miracles [or wonders] which it had power to do.”

This is perfectly fulfilled in the Money Power, which is now deceiving mankind as to the wonders it is working with its capital.  It lauds itself as a great benefactor of mankind.  The blessings of Capital are constantly held up before the public.  We are constantly told that Capital is necessary to our civilization—that it is beneficent in its operations—that Capital is indeed men's chief benefactor—that the world cannot do without Capital.  It is triumphantly asked where would the world now be without the railroads, the telegraphs and the thousand inventions Capital has set in operation ?  We are continually reminded that the human race ought to realize the benefits it derives from Capital, and ought to be profoundly grateful for them.  And the inference is suggested that, in recognition of these benefits, mankind ought, in all things, to do the bidding and consult the interests of Capital ! !

By these self laudations put forth through the press controlled by it, the Money Power is deceiving mankind.

It is admitted that the wonders Capital has wrought have been of the greatest benefit to mankind.  No one would be willing to go back to the old days of stage coaches and tallow candles.  We can not do without our railroads, and steamships, our telegraph lines, our water works, our gas works, our electric lights, our street railways, and all the appliances of our modern civilization.—But there is a consequence of all this that the Money Power keeps out of view.

By Means of these things, the Money Power is Rapidly Bankrupting Mankind, and getting all wealth into its own hands.  There is more work now being done by steam than could be done, with old methods, by five such races as now people the earth.  The Money Power has taken possession of steam, and mechanical inventions ; and it is making all the profit derived from those sources.—Let a small knot of capitalists make all the profit on the labour of five such races as now people the earth—let them make it, not for one year or one generation, but for ages ;  and let them constantly reinvest, and enlarge their operations ;  and let them invest their profits, age by age, in property of all kinds :—and it is only a question of time, when they will do all business, and own all property.

We reach the same conclusion by another course of fact.  When the Money Power began its career, 175 years ago, it is a moderate estimate to put its capital at $50,000,000.  The commerce of the world has always been needing capital ;  and business has always afforded the best opportunities of investment.  The capital of the Money Power would certainly double itself once in fifteen years.  Then it has doubled 11 3/5 times since 1715.  If this is the case, the capital of the Money Power now amounts to $163,840,000,000.  This is probably below the mark.  The wealth of the Money Power can hardly be less than $200,000,000,000.

This is a vast amount ;  but the facts bear it out.  In the First Era of the growth of the Money Power, down to 1775, it had use for all its capital in extending its operations. In the Second Era,—from 1775 to 1830,—it had sufficient capital to make immense loans to the monarchs of Europe.—In the Third Era,—from 1830 to 1864,—it had money enough to make loans for building railroads, water works, gas works, &c.;  but it waited for the people to come for the money.—But since 1864, in the Fourth Era of its growth, it has been going into all kinds of enterprises ;  and now it is seeking new investments, and begging people to sell it their property all over the earth.  The Money Power has so much money, now, that it can not find investment for it.  In one more double it will about have all the property of the earth.  In the beginning of its career, a double of its capital meant $100,000,000.  Now a double of its capital means $400,000,000,000.  And all the property of the world is less that $600,000,000,000.

The labour wrought by steam and invention is too vast, for a few capitalists to be suffered to monopolize these grand agencies of industry for their own exclusive benefit. The monopoly of those appliances in the hands of a few capitalists is ruining the world.

The monopoly of steam industry must be stopped, and some way must be discovered by which the masses of mankind may be allowed a chance to share the profits derived from steam and invention.

How well Divine Inspiration foreknew the craft of the Money Power, and how thoroughly it has exposed it.  In exposing the pretence of the Money Power as to the beneficent influence of capital, it has completely unmasked the deception of the claim that the operations of Capital, as now carried on, are beneficent to mankind. The exposure of its deception is the first step toward a new and better order of things, in which the operations of steam and invention, instead of inuring to the exclusive benefit of the Money Power, shall be used by the people of every country for their own national and individual prosperity.

Mankind is slow to accept a new thought, and some persons may be unwilling to believe that the Money Power is thus taking possession of all the property of the world.  But divine Inspiration declares that such is its purpose :—

Eleventh Coincidence of Fact :—This Two Headed Serpent “causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead ;  and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

This “mark” is the brand in the hand or on the body, by which slaves were marked, in ancient times. It is the aim of the Money Power to get all industry and all business into its hands, and reduce all mankind to the condition of its paid servants, branded in the hand, or on the forehead, with the badge of servitude.

A very intelligent man, after hearing my lecture, suggested to me that the “mark in the hand” designates the multitude of operatives who render manual service to the Money Power ;  while the “mark in the forehead” designates those who render to the Money Power brain service.  This would include all great agents, having control of departments of industry or trade ;  all editors who wield their pens in the service of the Money Power ;  all lobbyists and legislator who sell themselves to promote the aims of the Money Power ;  and all in any department of business,—lawyers and other professional men,—who render brain service to the Money Power.

The mind shrinks from the idea that a grand Imperialism of Capital should get every department of industry and enterprise into its possession, so that none except its paid agents can do any business.  But we have seen how entirely the Money Power has obtained control of all business, in India.  We have seen how it is monopolizing almost all business in the United States, except farming and retail traffic—and how it is rapidly getting possession of these.  We have seen how one more double, which will only take fifteen years, will give it more than all the property of Christendom, and two more doubles will give it all the property in the world.

A.T. Stewart broke down one thousand retail merchants in New York City, so at they could not buy nor sell, until they failed in business ;  then they took the “mark in the hand,” and went behind his counters ;  and they could sell all the goods the New York people wanted to buy.

Some time ago, Armour began a campaign against the butchers of Davenport, Iowa.  He wanted them to sell his meats.  They refused :  they wanted to buy and kill their own cattle ;  for there is a grand profit in buying and killing cattle and selling beef, at present prices.  But Armour determined to coerce them :  he began to sell dressed beef in Davenport so low that the butchers could sell no beef.  They surrendered, and agreed to sell Armour's beef ;  they took the “mark in the hand” ;  and then they could sell all the beef the people of Davenport wanted to buy.

Business men are now being driven out, not of the beef trade only, but of many lines of business.  The Money Kings have already obtained possession largely of the wholesale trade, and of all the great lines of business in the country.  They have the import and the export trade :  they buy all our products of every kind.  They have almost everything except merchandising and the farms ;  and, as we have seen, they are rapidly getting possession of the retail trade, by the retail stores which they are establishing throughout the country ;  and will soon have possession of our farms, by their foreclosure of mortgages.

The New York Times expects the Money Power to get possession of the farms by foreclosure of mortgages, and in a leading editorial, published Aug.  12th, 1877, it anticipates this result, and prepares the public mind for it.  It says :—

“There seems to be but one remedy, and it must come,—a change of ownership of the soil, and the creation of a class of land owners, on the one hand, and of tenant farmers on the other,—something similar in both cases to that which has long existed and now exists in the old countries of Europe.  * * * * Everything seems ripe for the change.

“Then will begin a new era in agriculture, and one that seems very desirable.  * * * * * Those farmers who are land poor must sell, and become tenants, instead of owners of the soil.”

The Times regards the farmers losing their farms as inevitable, and it looks forward with complacency to the time when all our farms will be devoured by the Money Power.  When that event occurs, the farmers will be serfs upon the soil redeemed by their fathers from the wilderness.

In a few years more, if things go on in their present grooves, this prophecy will be fulfilled ;  and no man in America can buy or sell, unless he is the paid agent of the Money Power.  And if it is not checked, it will, ere long, extend its ownership over the whole world, and make all mankind its employees and servants, with its brand in their hand, or on their forehead.

Twelfth Coincidence of Fact :—The number of the name of the Beast :  “Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast :  for it is the number of a man ;  for his number is six hundred and three score and six.”

The manner in which this number of the name of the Beast is mentioned makes it evident that the number of the name is a very important means of identifying this two horned beast with the power it symbolizes.

From a very early period, the Christian fathers turned their minds to the exposition of this symbolic number.  Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon, in Gaul, who lived in the Second Century, gives three names that have this number 666.—The first name was Euatnhes, which he merely mentions, and passes by, with the remark, “but we affirm nothing respecting this.”—The second name he gives is Lateinos.  This name has been very generally adopted by expositors, who supposed this Serpent to be the Papacy.

The third Name which Irenaeus Gives as Containing the Number 666, is Teitan ;  and this name he himself adopts.

It may be that this is the Name intended by divine Inspiration ;  and that, when this Dragon Imperialism shall be fully developed and known to the world, and its history be complete, it shall have a ruler or king in whose name the fated number will appear. But in the present state of our knowledge of the subject, I accept Teitan as the fated number ;  and it is my belief that this is the number that was intended in the text ;  And for the following reasons :—

1.  Titan Was the Great Legendary Giant

of the Olden Time.  We still use the name to designate any colossal power.  I believe that one reason why divine Inspiration called this Serpent Titan, was to indicate its immense power, its huge proportions, its Titanic strength.

1) The Money Power is the most colossal empire that has ever risen upon the earth.  It is a Titanic empire ;  the greatest that has ever existed.  And the Serpent, its symbol, is a “great” Serpent, stretching its mighty folds all over the earth.  It is a titanic Serpent.

2) In its relations with the Beast, the Dragon has all the power ;  for “The Dragon gave power to the beast ;”  and this Serpent “exerciseth all the power of the first beast in his presence.”

3) So, in the third vision of Daniel, the Little Horn which was the symbol of the Roman empire, grows so great, at last that its top stands up among the stars.  It becomes a “titan” Horn.  And the vision of it was so terrible that it entirely unnerved the prophet, so that he was sick for three weeks.

This horn became a Titan Horn only after the re-establishment of the Roman empire, under the joint rule of the Money Power and Prussia.  The power of this Joint empire shall be so colossal that nothing can represent it but a titan Horn rising up above the earth, till its top is among the stars.—The fact that this “Little Horn” became a “titan” Horn has never been observed by expositors.

2.  but the special reason why the dragon is designated
by the name “titan,” is its antagonism to god.

1) The Titans, according to the Heathen legend, warred against Jupiter, and hurled their missiles against Olympus ;  and they were only beaten, at last, by Jupiter smiting them with his thunderbolts.  Titan according to the legend, was the king of the Titans, and was thus the Arch-rebel against the gods.

2) It is believed that the legendary war of the Titans against the gods, was the heathen mythological form of the rebellion of Satan and his angels against God.  So that, the Satan of the Bible is the mythological Titan.

3) In the biblical idea, Satan is embodied in the serpent.  And the Dragon, in the book of Revelation, is called the Devil and Satan.  This indicates that the Dragon symbolizes that power which, in the political world, is the great antagonist of God, as Satan is in the spiritual world.

4) The Dragon is the Great Antichristian Power of the Latter Days.  In its full development, the head of the Dragon power is the Antichrist.

1] We have seen how the Jews are even now hoping and expecting to overthrow Christianity.  A very intelligent Jew once, in the heat of discussion, gave me the idea of the Christ which the modern “reformed” Jew holds.  He said the prosperity of the Jews in the earth—he did not choose to say their dominion—is what is set forth in the writings of the Prophets under the figure of the Christ.

In the Jewish idea, the Dominion of the Jew Money Power is the Christ.  And, at the least, I think that the head or king of the Money Power will claim to be the Christ.

Christ means “The Anointed One,” in allusion to his being the promised royal descendant of David, the promised King of Israel.  The Money Power, it seems, will at last choose a king, who is to be the acknowledged king of Israel,—the long expected, the long promised One,—the Christ.  They will not claim that he is Divine or the Son of God.  For they deny that, in the Deity, there is the relation of Father and Son.  They deny the Divine Trinity.  They “deny the Father and the Son.”  They recognize only the unity of God.

The Jews have always expected a temporal sovereign as the Christ.  They rejected the Lord Jesus, because He said “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  They expect a Christ whose kingdom is of this world—who is merely a temporal monarch.  The time will probably come when, in the plenitude of its power, the Jew Money Power will set up a king, and declare him the promised Messiah.  They will declare him the founder of a new Dynasty that is to rule the earth forever.

They will proclaim him the first of a line of kings,—Anointed Ones,—who, in their expectation, will all bear the title of “the Christs” ; as the kings of Egypt were called “the Pharaohs,” and the emperors of Rome, “the Caesars.”—The present attitude of the Jew Money Power is a stern menace to Christianity.

2] The Jew London Money Kings would break down our churches.  In monopolizing the trade of our towns, and getting possession of our farms, the Money Power hopes to succeed in accomplishing the aims against Christianity which the Jews are known to entertain.  If the Money Power should succeed in its aims, our churches will inevitably be broken down.  Strike down our farming yeomanry and the tradesmen of our towns, and who would sustain our churches ?  our schools ?  Our churches in town and country would be pastorless for want of support.  Our school systems would fall into wreck in the universal poverty that would prevail.  Our Christian civilization would lie in ruins.

It is well known that the Jews, in our day, entertain strong hope of overthrowing Christianity.—Prof. Godet, of Lausanne, utters the following warning of the danger threatening Christendom from the hostility of the Jews.  He says :—

”On hearing this word 'Jewish,' many of you perhaps smile.  That which bears that title does not seem to them very dangerous for the Church.  They do not say, 'Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth ?' but 'Can anything dangerous to us come out from thence ?'  To this contemptuous smile, I will oppose another, that of the Israelites themselves,—I mean the intelligent Israelites,—when they see us Christians bestirring ourselves for the propagation of the gospel, * * * * * and carrying the religion of the Bible to the ends of the earth.  'This religion,' they say quietly, 'is our religion.  All these pains you are taking for us.  * * * * * For the God of the Christian is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,—the God of the Jews.  The doctrine of Jesus is none other than that of our prophets.  One thing only separates us from these Christians,—the worship of the Christ.  Let this absurd dogma of the divinity of a man,one that is contrary to the most elementary principles of Monotheism,let this last remnant of the ancient paganism living on in Christianity fall to the ground, and the gospel, thus purified, is Judaism.  Christians, we are waiting for you !  It is not we who are coming over to you ;  it is you who are coming over to us.' * * * * * So think, and so speak clear sighted Jews.” (1)

Inspector Lictor Platt, in a recent course of lectures before the University of Berlin, said :—

“Everywhere one thought rules the Jews—the thought that the Christian idea shall at last be vanquished by the Jewish ;  and their common effort is directed to this end,—to supplant Christianity in the collective life of the nations.”(2)

The Christian Editor of one of the leading evangelical papers of North Germany writes in the same strain :

“Among the Jews themselves, the conclusion is reached, not that the Jews will have to return to Christianity, but that the Christians will have to be turned to the Jewish faith.”—Neue Evang. Kirchen-Zeitung, Feb. 4, 1882.

A Jewish writer, quoted in the same paper, asserts with all assurance “Reformed Judaism is the confession to which the dominating church must return, if she will complete her reformation.”—Neue Evang. Kirchen-Zeitung, Nov. 19, 1881.

I have taken the above quotations from Dr. Kellogg's book, The Jews.  The author of that work says :

“This attitude of aggressive antagonism to Christianity, which the Jews are assuming, however little noticed by the unthinking many who never look behind acts and events for agents and causes, is a sign of the times as grave as it is remarkable.  The confident expectation and determination of these enfranchised Jews, that not Christianity, but Judaism,—divested indeed of what was ceremonial and temporary,—shall yet win the world against Christianity, when we remember their control of the Capital of the world, their profits, and their confessedly marvellous success in modern life, acquires a serious significance.”—The Jews, page 210.

The Jews are fully conscious of their Imperialism of Capital, and are looking forward to the time when, in full possession of all the industry, and wealth and property of the world, they can give entire direction to secular affairs, and form to religious belief.  Let them get possession of our farms, and the business of our towns, and they will not hesitate to attempt to crush out our churches, by reducing their members to such poverty that they will be unable to sustain the expense of public worship.

If the Dragon empire, in its ultimate development, is the Antichrist, there is a peculiar fitness in Divine Inspiration calling it “Titan,” the Satan of heathen mythology.

The Greeks had a well known method of expressing names by numbers.  Each letter of the alphabet had as its equivalent a definite number.  According to this system, the name Titan has the number 666.  The Greek spelling of the name was Teitan.  The numeral equivalent of these letters are as follows :

T 300 + 5 + 10 + 300 + 1 + 50=666,

3rd.  The Dragon and the Man-child.

We now turn to the symbol of the Dragon in the 12th Chapter of Revelation, where are presented ten other Coincidences of Fact.  Until now, we were not prepared to take up the exposition of the Coincidences of Fact set forth in this symbol of the Dragon, inasmuch as it was necessary, first, to understand the relations of the Dragon to Great Britain and the Prussian empire.

The following is the text in the 12th chapter of Revelation :

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven ;  a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

“And she, being with child, cried travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

“And there appeared another wonder in heaven ;  and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and ten crowns on his heads.

“And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth.

“And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

“And she brought forth a man-child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.

“And her child was caught up unto God and to His throne.

“And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days.

“And there was war in heaven :  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon :  and the dragon fought and his angels ;  and prevailed not :  neither was their place found any more in heaven.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world :  he was cast out, and his angels were cast out with him.

“And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, now is come salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ :  for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony ;  and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Rev. xii :  1-11.

In the remaining portion of the chapter there are other Coincidences of Fact, which prove that the Dragon is a symbol of the Money Power ;  but, as they require, in order to bring them to bear on the question, a comparison with other prophecies not yet explained, they are omitted.  But, without them, there are, in the part of the chapter already quoted, ten Coincidences of Fact, which prove beyond the possibility of doubt that the Dragon is the symbol of the Money Power.

Before presenting these Coincidences, it is first necessary to give an

1.  exposition of the other symbols.

In the 12th Chapter of Revelation, the scene is laid in

1) The Lower Aerial Heaven.

The Lower Aerial Heaven, in the Book of Revelation, is Always the Symbol of America, considered geographically as a country.  The principle on which this symbolism is based is very simple and clear.

John received his Revelation on the Isle of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea.  The Revelation, like all the other prophecies, was given by vision.  The Isle of Patmos is in the Southeastern part of Europe.—As the Seer looked out toward the West, he beheld Europe spread out before his eye ;  and, beyond it, was another country, up in the air above Europe ;  and above this country was the highest Heaven, where the Throne of God was placed.  Above the earth of Roman Europe was a sky, in which sun and moon and stars were held

This was the Apocalyptic Landscape which John beheld in his vision.  He was, no doubt, familiar with the geography of his time, and recognized the outlines of Roman Europe, which he called “the Earth.”  He naturally, in accordance with the ideas of his age, supposed the Eastern Continent to be the whole of the world, and that there was nothing on this earth beyond.  He therefore called the country which he saw in the air, above Europe, “Heaven.”  But that country was America ;  and was placed in the Apocalyptic landscape above Europe, in the air, in perfect accordance with the laws of perspective.

In Accordance with the Laws of Perspective, the Foreground of a Landscape is always at the bottom of a picture, and the background, at the top.  As John looked toward the West, therefore, he saw Roman Europe at the bottom of the landscape, as though on the ground, while America would appear above, at the top of the landscape.—But, with three thousand miles of perspective, America would be diminished to a point, and be invisible.  In this respect, the law of perspective would have to be set aside ;  and America would be brought into the foreground sufficiently to be clearly visible, and placed above Europe, as though in air.  In accordance with the law of perspective, America, in the book of Revelation, is always presented in the landscape in the lower aerial heaven.

2) A Glorious Woman

appears in the Lower Aerial Heaven,—America,—”clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Expositors generally agree that this Woman is the symbol of the Christian Church.  The Two Witnesses, in the 11th Chapter of Revelation, are also the symbols of the Church.  As the Two Witnesses prophesy clothed with sackcloth “one thousand two hundred and three score days,” so the Woman is in the wilderness “one thousand two hundred and three score days.”

The mistake into which expositors have fallen, in supposing that the woman is presented here before she fled into the wilderness, has been the cause of much error in the interpretation of this vision.  Owing to this error, expositors have looked for the fulfilment of the vision in events that occurred in the Early History of the Church.

But, in the sixth verse, where it is said, “The woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days,” it does not mean that the woman then fled into the wilderness for the first time.  Several considerations make this evident :—

I] The Greek verb rendered “fled” is not in the imperfect tense, so as to indicate action beginning and continuing ;  but it is in the aorist, indicating completed action. The woman was not then making her first flight into the wilderness :  she had been there for a long time, and only emerged from obscurity for a brief space, at this time, and now returned to it again.

2] The woman fled into the wilderness, “where,” says the Seer, “she hath a place.”  She had been in her “place” a long time ;  she now returned to her “place.”

3] This return to her “place” is like her subsequent return, in the 14th verse, where the woman again flies to her “place” in the wilderness.  In both instances, the woman flies to her refuge ;  but it does not mean, in either case, that she flies thither for the first time.  Hence, the woman flying to her “place” does not give us any clue to the era of the vision :  that must be learned from other facts.

3) A Man-Child

was born of this woman,—the Christian Church,—in the Lower Aerial Heaven, “who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.”

This Man-child is the symbol of the United States ;  as is evident from the concurrent teachings of prophecy :—

I] The Man-child is born in the Lower Aerial Heaven, which is America as a country.

2] The Man-child is represented as born, the child of the Church.  And the United States is, in a remarkable manner, the child of the Christian Church, as I have shown in my lecture on The United States in Prophecy.  All the American Colonies were founded and settled by Christians seeking a refuge in the New World, where they might worship God according to the dictates of their conscience.  There were the Puritans in New England, the Baptists in Rhode Island, the Dutch Calvinists in New York, the Swedish Lutherans in New Jersey, the Scotch Covenanters from New York to North Carolina, the English Quakers in Pennsylvania, the Episcopalians in Virginia, the French Huguenots in South Carolina, and the German Moravians in Georgia.  The United States is emphatically the Child of the Church.

3] In the first vision of Daniel, the United States is represented under the symbol of the “Stone” which was “cut out of a mountain without hands” ;  which is interpreted by the Prophet as a kingdom set up by the God of heaven.  This is very similar to the representation of the origin of the United States,the Man-child,—in the book of Revelation.  In Daniel, God is represented as the founder of the country, without anything being said of any human instrumentality :  Here in Revelation, the human instrumentality, the Church, is especially mentioned.  But the divine or Providential origin of the country is set forth in both instances.

4] The Man-child was “to rule all nations with a rod of iron.”  And it is the accordant voice of prophecy that the United States is to be a world-wide Republic, ruling all the nations of the earth.

5] “The Man-child was caught up unto God and to His Throne.” This indicates the providential deliverance of our country in the War of Independence, and the providential protection that has kept us throughout our entire career as a nation.

Having identified all the other symbols of this vision of the 12th chapter of Revelation, we are now ready to identify the Dragon, beyond the possibility of doubt or question.—We have identified the Woman, the Man-child, and the place of his birth.  This being done, we cannot mistake the interpretation of the Dragon.

2.  coincidences of fact.

Thirteenth Coincidence of Fact :—In the birth hour of The Man-child, “The Dragon stood before the woman, which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”

The United States was born as a nation in the War of Independence.  At that time, the Great Red Dragon attempted to devour the infant nation.  Great Britain was the power which then attempted to destroy our national existence.  We must, therefore, either identify the Dragon with the British government, or with some power in Britain, behind the throne, greater than the throne.

As we have seen, the Dragon is not the symbol of Great Britain.  The Dragon is the seventh grand form of Imperialism in the world :  Great Britain is no such Imperialism.  England and Scotland are Two of the Ten Kingdoms of Europe.  They are represented in prophecy as the two horns on the head of the Dragon.  Moreover, Prophecy represents Great Britain and the United States as united in the great future war against the Dragon and the Beast.—The Dragon is not the symbol of Great Britain as a nation.

Hence, the Dragon must represent some power having its seat in Britain, and having the British government under its control ;  and which influenced Great Britain to war against the United States, in our War of Independence.—This is just the historical status of the Money Power.  It controls the British government with autocratic sway.  It has controlled it for over a hundred years.

The Money Power was the prime mover in the oppression of the American Colonies, which drove them to revolt.  The Landed Aristocracy, the Moneyed Capitalists, and the Mercantile Class of Great Britain were all united in holding stock in the British East India Company, which was then the Money Power ;  and their combined influence had complete control of the British Parliament.

During the trial of Warren Hastings, there were, in the administration party, a large number of the stockholders of the East India Company who had seats in Parliament.  But the Administration party was in a minority in the Company, which sustained Hastings against the government.  Many of the Opposition in Parliament were, no doubt, also stockholders.  The connection of the Company with the government was very close ;  so that it would carry in Parliament any policy on which the Company was united.

In England, the Money Power is a Third Estate, greater than King and Parliament.  In 1775, as now, the British Parliament was the pliant tool of the money Power, and registered its will.  It was not yet the age of steam, and the Money Power looked to Colonial dependencies as the chief source of gain.  With its experience in India, it naturally desired to make another India of the American Colonies ; and it derived great profits from their commerce, and great revenues from their taxation.

No sooner was the Seven Years War over, than the Money Power, impelled the British Parliament into a system of oppressive taxation and commercial restrictions, which drove the Colonies into Revolution.  The whole question in dispute between the Colonies and the Mother country was taxation, industry and trade ;  matters in which the Money Power was specially interested, and in which it wished to enforce the policy that would promote its interest.  The tax on tea, which drove the Colonies to revolt, was enacted for the special benefit of a corporation connected with the East India Company, which had a great quantity of tea on hand.  While the nominal tax was retained, the tea was made lower than before in the interest of the Company, so as to enable it to sell.  The law of the British Parliament for the benefit of the East India Company was the special occasion of the Revolution.

The Money Power through its control of Parliament drove the Colonies to revolution ;  and then, instead of attempting to allay discontent by concession, it attempted to destroy our national existence, by war.

There can be no doubt that the Dragon, which wished to devour our infant nation in the War of Independence, was the Money Power, which then ruled the British Parliament.

This Coincidence of Fact, alone, is sufficient to prove that the Dragon is the symbol of the London Money Power.

Fourteenth Coincidence of Fact :—”On his heads,” were “seven crowns.” The Seventh or Dragon Head was, at that time, a crowned Imperialism.

In 1775, the East India Company which was the head of the Money Power was a crowned Imperialism.  According to history it became an imperial power in 1757, at the victory of Plassy.  In 1764, it was ruling an empire in Bengal of forty million subjects, having greater revenues than the most powerful kingdom of Europe.—In 1775, the Dragon head had just become a crowned Imperialism.

Fifteenth coincidence of Fact :—The tail of the Dragon “drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth.”

In the Revolutionary War, the British forces overran about one-third of the United States.  In the latter years of the Revolution, the British forces held their headquarters in New York City, and broke down all organized resistance in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, and overran part of Virginia.  About one-third of the country was thus “cast down” by the invading forces.  The tail of the Dragon “cast down one-third of the stars” that glittered on our flag.

Sixteenth Coincidence of Fact :—But the Dragon did not succeed :  “the Man-child was caught up onto God and to His Throne.”

This catching up of the Man-child to the Highest Heaven, as beheld by John, symbolized the providential deliverance of the United States in the Revolutionary War, and the Divine protection of our country ever since.  Our Revolutionary fathers all recognized the hand of Divine Providence in the success of our country.  Washington, speaking of the events of the Revolution, said :—

”The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this, that he who lacked faith must have been worse than an infidel ;  and he more than wicked who had not gratitude to acknowledge his obligations.”

Seventeenth Coincidence of Fact :—“And there was war in heaven :  Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon :  and the Dragon fought and his angels.”  Here is a future war represented as occurring in America,—the Lower Aerial Heaven,—between the Dragon and Michael.

The place where this war occurs is clearly set forth :  It is the same Lower Aerial Heaven where the Man-child was born.  The Man-child is now grown up to man's estate, and is called Michael.  In the fourth vision of Daniel, also, Michael is presented as the symbol of the United States.

I could not for a long time see the basis of this symbolism.  I could not see the point of similarity between Michael and the United States, which always lies at the foundation of all symbolism.

But it is very plain.  Michael is the Archangelthe Chief of the Hosts of God in heaven.  Divine Inspiration always regards the United States from the standpoint of its future grandeur and glory, when it shall rule the whole earth in righteousness, for God. There is a striking fitness in the Leader of the Hosts of God in heaven being made the symbol of the United States, the great future leader of the Hosts of God on earth, during the grand millennial age.

Only the fact that there is to be a future war between the Dragon and Michael, between the Money Power and the United States, can be learned from this passage.

In the fourth vision of Daniel, there is a synchronous prophecy, which represents the Prussian empire as invading the United States.  Speaking of the King who “shall do according to his will”—which is the Prussian empirethe angel tells Daniel that he shall overthrow many countries, and says :—“He shall enter also into the glorious land.” Daniel xi : 41.

In Daniel viii : 9, it is said of the Roman empire, there presented under the symbol of “a little horn,” that it “waxed exceeding great toward the South, and toward the East, and toward the glorious land.”  As the Roman empire actually grew great toward the South, and East and West, it is manifest that its Westward growth is here set forth as a growth “toward the glorious land,” the growth toward the East and South being previously mentioned.  This shows that “the glorious land” lies toward the West of Europe.  That designation can only point out the United States.

The Angel Called our Country “the Glorious Land,” in view of its future destiny, as an Universal Republic, giving religion, liberty and civilization to the world throughout all coming ages.  The warlike entrance of the Wilful King,—the Prussian empire,—into the Glorious Land, foretells a Prussian invasion of the United States.

Putting the two Prophecies Together, they Foretell an invasion of the United States, by the Prussian empire as the agent of the Money Power.  In the future the Money Power will exercise the power of the Prussian empire, as it now exercises the power of Great Britain.  As it influenced the British government to invade China ;  and to conquer Egypt and Burmah, so it will influence the German empire when extended over Southern and Western Europe, to invade the United States.

Prophecy does not say what cause of quarrel the Money Power will have against our country.  It does not say whether we shall be utterly bankrupted as Egypt was, and unable to pay the interest on our vast debt to the Money Power ;  or whether we shall attempt to resist its encroachments before we are finally ruined, as Burmah did.  Whatever its ground of umbrage, the Money Power will set the Prussian empire upon us.

And Prussia will not be reluctant to undertake the conquest.  Our Republic is a standing menace to monarchy.  We are the most powerful nation on the globe ;  and our influence in the world is even mightier from our moral power, than from our national greatness.  If things could go on prosperously with us for thirty years more, Europe would become Republican by the progress of liberal ideas.  The despotic Prussian empire over Southern and Western Europe will never be safe while the Great Republic of the West stands.  The stability of monarchical institutions requires that the American Republic shall be overthrown and subjugated.

The Invasion would not be Attempted with a small Army.  Prussia, at the head of Southern and Western Europe, and backed by the unlimited loans of the Money Power, might easily put two million men in the field.  It is probable that the army of invasion will reach that number.  The British government, under the rule of the Tories, will give its support to the Prussian empire, and lend its fleets for the transportation of the invading army and its supplies.  According to military probabilities, the line of invasion will be the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, and thence down east of Lake Erie, in an attempt to take possession of the line of the Alleghanies, and cut off the Eastern and Middle States from the West and South.

And together with this, having command of the ocean the invaders will probably attempt to seize and capture New York City from Long Island, and renew the attempt of Burgoyne to cut off New England from the West, by taking possession of the line of the Hudson.

The statements of Prophecy indicate a conflict of unexampled magnitude.  Prussia invaded France with one million men ;  the rest of her forces being kept at home to guard the frontiers.  And the invading army crushed France almost without a struggle.  But when Prussia shall invade America, it will be Greek meeting Greek, and the mightiest conflict will ensue on which the sun has ever shone.

Eighteenth Coincidence of Fact :  “The Dragon prevailed not ;  neither was their place found any more in heaven.  And the great Dragon was cast out, he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

When this great future conflict comes, we shall understand the design of Providence in permitting the outbreak of the late War.  It will then be seen that our Civil War saved our country and the world.  If, when this future invasion comes, we were distracted by a sectional issue, and unarmed, as we were in 1860, our position in the face of a grand invasion would be hopeless.  Before we could prepare for war, the heel of the despot would be upon our neck.  But when the invasion comes we shall be thoroughly armed with the weapons of our Civil War ; and, all distracting issues past, North and South will present a solid front to the foe.  We shall be fighting for religion and liberty, for home and property rights.  The country will be fired with unexampled enthusiasm. The fiery valour of the South will be united with the cool stubborn courage of the North ;  and together they will be irresistible.  We learned in the late War the value of flanking movements, and developed a new arm of war in mounted infantry.  When the invader shall march into the country, we will meet him in front, and envelope him with flanking movements.  He must either fight or retreat.  There will be quick, hard rapid fighting.  Prophecy indicates that we press the fighting, and put the invaders on the defensive.  We attack ;  we defeat them ;  We drive them out of the country.

Thenceforth, the Money Power has no place in the United States.

Nineteenth Coincidence of Fact :—It is said that the Dragon “deceiveth the whole world.”

The Money Power has deceived the whole world down to the present time.  It has deceived the whole world as to its existence.  It has hidden itself in its London den, and made the world believe that the agents it appointed to manage the companies it organized in the various countries, were the owners of the companies they manage.  It has deceived the whole world as to the right laws of industry, making the world believe that the system of industry which is reducing the world to bankruptcy is beneficial to mankind.  It has deceived and betrayed everybody who has trusted it, systematically “freezing out” those who have put money into enterprises controlled by it.  It has deceived the whole world by booms in city property, and by booms in business enterprises, which it has started for the purpose of robbing the public of its money invested in them.  It has deceived the whole world, and made it believe that prices should be left to regulate themselves by the law of supply and demand ;—when it constantly regulates prices, by the might of capital, through the instrumentality of Boards of Trade, which are absolutely controlled by it.  It deceives the whole world in making people believe that Capital is beneficent ;—when it is using its capital to bankrupt the world, and reduce mankind to the condition of serfdom.—The Money Power is the Arch-deceiver.

Twentieth Coincidence of Fact :—The Dragon is called “the accuser of our brethren.”

This will probably be fulfilled in the future.  When the Money Power shall be exposed, the people of God will denounce it from pulpit and platform.  Then the Money Power, through the papers which it controls will denounce all who take ground against it with all manner of false accusation.

So fearful will be its accusations at only they will dare to assail it, who take their life in their hand, and “love not their lives onto death.” In many papers, the Jews a majority of the stock, and have them completely under their control.  Others they will suborn with bribes.  The Shimeis of the press will be manifest as the mouth-pieces of the Dragon, by their accusations of those who expose the Money Power.

Twenty-first Coincidence of Fact :—But the accused overcame the Dragon, “by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.

God reigns.  The Money Power shall fall, though all wealth and influence and power be on its side.  They who expose it, though they be “the weak of this world shall confound the mighty.”

But they will “overcome him,” not by human might, but “by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.”  The “blood of the Lamb” has redeemed the human race from the thraldom of evil ;  and He, unto whom “all power in heaven and earth is given,” will not suffer the Money Power to deprive mankind of its promised Millennium of blessedness, and grind it down beneath oppression and wrong.  He will guard His servants,—will give “the word of their testimony” power to rouse the people.—Let them present “the word of their testimony,”—the testimony of prophecy against the Dragon, which will be the power of God to overthrow this titanic evil.

Twenty-second Coincidence of FactDivine inspiration here calls the Dragon “that old serpent called the devil and Satan.”

The Jew Money Power is the embodiment of evil in the Latter Days.  It is the enemy of God and man.  The Jew Money Kings are infidels to a man.  They embody the very spirit of Antichrist :  holding only to the unity of God, they “deny both the Father and the Son.”  They wish to break down all industry, as it has heretofore existed in the world :  They wish to break down all business men, and reduce them to poverty, and dependence on themselves :  They wish to break down society as it now exists, and reorganize it on the basis of their own ascendancy, and the subordination of mankind to them :  They loathe Christianity, and wish to break it down and substitute for it an infidel Judaism.  Hoping to establish a universal monarchy under the rule of a Jewish king, they are in principle opposed to Republicanism.  Desiring, in this country, to take from the people all their property and reduce them to the condition of peasants, they know that they can not accomplish their aims while Republicanism exists.  They know that a free people will not submit to such wrong, and that they can only establish their power by the overthrow of Republicanism.

Already from some of their agents we have ominous utterances of a purpose to subvert Republicanism.  If the Money Power should get possession of our farms, and succeed in breaking down the business men of our towns, the days of the Republic will be numbered.  Then we may fear that the state of things suggested in the following article in the Nevada Chronicle, will be inaugurated :—

“We need a stronger government ; the wealth of the country [the Money Power and its agents] demands it. * * * * * The Capital of the country demands protection.  The wealth of the country has to bear the burden of the government, and it shall control it.  The people are becoming educated up to this theory rapidly, and the sooner this theory is recognized in the constitution and the laws, the better it will be for the people.  * * * * * To avert fearful bloodshed,—a strong central government should be established as soon as possible.

The Money Kings will establish an empire in this country, if they get possession of all industry and property.

It will not be difficult for them to bring it about.  With their absolute control of industry, they can make times so hard as to cause intolerable suffering.  Stopping the construction of railroads, and city improvements, and manufactures and iron mills, they can fill the country with hundreds of thousands of starving tramps.  They can then get their paid emissaries to pretend great sympathy for the people, as their emissaries lead the Nihilists of Russia, and the Liberals of Central Europe and Italy.  And when they become popular leaders, they can easily excite the starving people to outbreaks and insurrections.  Such outbreaks are always easily suppressed by military force ;  and in the victory over the outbreaks, an Imperial government might be established.  Such outbreaks are always suppressed ;  and their suppression is the method by which Republics are converted into imperial despotisms.

Let the Money Power succeed in carrying out its aims, and our country is ruined.  The grand yeomanry of our country is our pride and safety.  It is the backbone of the Republic—the strong column that upholds the temple of our liberties and our Christian civilization.  Let our farmers lose their farms, and our yeomanry become peasants, and all is lost.

This is the greatest crisis the world has ever known.  Upon its issue depends the destiny of mankind forever.  It will determine whether the world shall go on to a millennium of liberty, peace and blessedness, or be crushed by the triumph of the forces that are striving to arrest the progress of our age, and bring upon the world a new Feudal Era, in which the mass of mankind will be reduced to the condition of serfdom beneath the yoke of an Aristocracy of Jew Money Kings, who will grind man down beneath the heel of oppression forever.

For, that yoke, once fixed upon the world, can never be shaken off.  The Money Kings, with a mighty government under their control, would keep the masses of mankind reduced to the condition of peasants in hopeless bondage.  In this age of warfare with cannon and gunpowder, an unarmed peasantry could never cast off the yoke of the Money Power, in control of the government, and having possession of all wealth.—There are two Millenniums before the world :  one, a millennium of peace and blessedness, under the reign of Liberty and Religion ;  the other, the reign of Oppression and Wrong, under the rule of the Money Power.  The present crisis will determine which shall dominate the earth, from now to the end of time.  The destinies of the Future are now hanging in the balance.  Either the Money Power must go down, or the hopes of humanity must set in darkness.

Well is the Money Power called Satan, for it is the very incarnation of Satanic malignity and evil.

Who can doubt that the Great Red Dragon is the symbol of the Jew London Money Power ?  Its identity with it is proved by six Historical Marks—by twenty wonderful Parallelisms of Character—and by twenty-two strange and startling Coincidences of Fact.  There are thus forty-eight separate and distinct points of resemblance ;  in respect of historical facts, of resemblances of character, and of coincidences between facts mentioned of the symbol and facts true of the Money Power.  The proofs that the Dragon is the symbol of the Money Power are just eight times as numerous as those which prove that the Lion with Eagle's Wings is the symbol of the Babylonian empire, or the Bear, the symbol of the Persian empire ;  and, in their strange and wonderful similarities, these proofs are a hundredfold stronger than those which identify any of the other symbols of the prophetic scriptures with the powers they set forth.  Divine Inspiration has heaped proof upon proof, evidence upon evidence, until the mind almost wearies of it ;  and until no dispassionate mind can resist the mass of evidence that forces conviction.

The proof presented in this work is not one-sixth of the evidence presented in the prophetic scriptures, that the London Money Power is the grand Imperialism so bitterly denounced in the Bible as the great Archenemy of God and man ;  and which is foretold in prophecy, as destined to rise and be overthrown, in the Latter Days.  When all the evidence is before the public, it will convince the most incredulous mind that God, in the inspired prophecies of scripture, has depicted the Dragon in this perfectly unmistakable manner, in order to save mankind from its power.

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