Gerry Spaulding's
History of Legal-Tender Paper Money

  • Spaulding preamble
    Spaulding, February 3rd -- 6th
    Spaulding, February 7th -- 25th
  • Act of July 11th 1862.
  • February 1863
  • Spaulding on National currency banks

  • Who was Salmon Chase
        Report of Mr. Chase
        The Hazard Pamphlet
       Adams, The Legal Tender Act
      Chittenden in 1890
  • DiLorenzo on Lincoln
       Gallatin's side of the story
    Who was Thaddeus Stevens ?

    Debates of An Act
    to authorize the issue of United States notes

    January 23, Mr. Alley, the plan

  • January 7 - 28, House bill 240
  • January 29 Pendleton
  • February 3rd Vallandigham, Hooper
  • February 4th Roscoe
  • February 4th Bingham, Sheffield
  • February 5th Carlile, Alley again
  • February 6th
      House vote February 6th
    February 12 --Senate, Howe, Fessenden
    February 13th Senate, Sherman, Doolittle
      Senate vote February 13th
  • February 19th, House
  • February 20th, House, Senate
    February 21-25 reconciliation, "exception clause"

    July, 1862. --more greenbacks; Stevens, Sherman

    National Currency Banks --John Sherman

    Febr 20, Mr. Baker, Mr. Noble

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