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peddlers of conspiracy and their supporters
Debt to America!
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Author Topic: peddlers of conspiracy and their supporters  (Read 12232 times)
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« on: March 08, 2011, 11:45:16 AM »

This was never a "parting shot"; just an observation in August 2007.

People should pull their heads out of each others' rectum and check out reality.  These peddlers and purveyors of books, DVDs on the Illuminati, the FreeMasons, the New World Order, the Bankers, the Federal Reserve are just that: sellers of books and videos;  and individuals, sorely lacking knowledge, critical thinking, ability to reason, fall for these poster boys and girls and send them money and cheer for them.....

The whole conspiracy "movement" / industry is "lead" by liars and thieves, and populated by stupid dumb animals (a.k.a. home-grown white sludge). Stupid dumb animals made rich men out of plagiarists, scoundrels, thieves, liars, and all around scumbags; but regarded not, respected not the one who did the work.

Please download and listen and learn what happens to 'patriotic' etc. organizations and why they never get anywhere:

90% of the 20th century conspiracy literature is plagiarism, shamelessly and uncritically stealing and regurgitating from one an other. The good books on conspiracy were written by non-conspiracists, actual researchers who were not afraid to go inside the library, and were willing to work (Fay, Pearson, Pakenham) Even Mr. Mullins went back only as far as 1907, as if it all started with the 1907 money panic. Not one of the 20th century conspiracy booksellers knows anything about the Greenback Party, its two election campaigns, Peter Cooper, Weaver, Berkey, Donnelly, the "Anti-Monopolist" and the 20 year war with the money power after 1865. And they know even less about what went on in the Congress in the 1830s.

Eustace Mullins' case shows the problem:
Mr. Mullins was about the only conspiracy writer/bookseller who set foot and spent time in the library. All those booksellers of the past 50 years who babble about Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve are living and making money off Eustace Mullins' work. Stupid dumb animals idolize, and send money to people like Griffin from Jekyll Island, or the Lizzard of Oz, or bookpeddler Brown, but nothing to those (if there are any) who do the actual work. Not to mention the even more outrageous case of:

" 'H.S. Kenan' was the pen name of one of the nation's most notorious plagiarists, who reprinted the text of my book, 'The Federal Reserve Conspiracy' under that name, and made one million dollars during years of active promotion of this stolen book."

In the 21st century we may see with our own eyes that people who are only in it for the money are the cream, (mis)leaders, upper crust, and idols of the discontented. (the millions of 911, illuminati, conspiracy books, tapes, DVDs sold without any result, except making some low-lifes rich)

The books and the Congressional Record (of 1908, 1913, 1857, the 1860s-70s, 1830s) are all there in the library, for anyone to read free-of-charge. But no, the stupid dumb animals rather send money to some book-selling windbag than go inside the library. They rather die than think, rather march off to world war I, "raw, raw, raw" "U.S.A., U.S.A." -- to be offered up as blood sacrifice, for that is all they are good for. When August Lindbergh spoke up against WWI, goons wanted to tar and feather him.

In WW2 also, "raw, raw, raw, U.S.A., raw, raw, raw Empire, damn the japanese, damn the germans", whilst the real enemies were in Washington and London, not in Tokyo or Berlin. British and american fly-goons are still proud of their incinerating of women and children.

Conspiracy writers, wind-bags, loud-mouths wouldn't tell the stupid dumb animals that State rights have been dead ever since Andrew Jackson sent federal troops against a member State to enforce the will of the central government; that the United States (union of sovereign States for common defense, mutual benefit and self government) have been dead since April 1865. There is no money in that; there is no money in telling the people that you may kick a dead horse, but you can never bring it back. There is no money in telling the dumb animals that throughout its existence the United States (for which Thomas Jefferson composed the declaration of independence) had only one enemy: the United Kingdom; and evil empire UK destroyed the United States (of T.J.)

There is no money in telling the dumb animals that through election you will never get a good government (for the people, by the people); you will never "throw the rascals out". In the 20th century there were how many elections ? And every time you got a worse government. As they say, one of the symptoms of mental illness when you keep repeating the same process, but expecting a different outcome.

At the same time the NWO is chugging along just fine. The marxists are not looking for soapbox, limelight, popularity, money. They work quietly, diligently, in a well-managed and disciplined organization. Whereas these headless chickens of the anti-NWO movement (for lack of better term) run around (and have been running around for 150 years) "buy this book", "read that video", "send money here and there", "write to or call so and so". Idiots ! They don't even know left from right, up from down -- tragy-comic.

(it is not marxists, masons, Jews, blacks, illuminsts, etc. who proudly take my work and present it as if their own production, but conspiracist white sub-humans)

There is an indian legend according to which long time ago, long before Columbus,there were whites in what is today America. The indians fought against them and exterminated them. The final group of white survivors escaped into a cave. The indians couldn't fight them there, so they built a large fire at the opening and smoked and fryed them.
So meditate on your future while mexicans and others infest your country; while marxists can march a million illegal aliens up and down the streets; while Peroutka or Phillips can't even get mail-in votes

yamaguchy incorporated
the source of your finagled wisdom and knowledge
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« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2011, 03:44:17 PM »

Now read this, then sadomize Bill Still and Ed Griffin, or skull-fuck Ellen Brown

A letter from N.M. Rothschild to the President of the United States, William Henry Harrison, dated London, April 2nd, 1841:--
"The high sense expressed in your inaugural address of the importance of the various States of the Union maintaining their credit by the fulfillment of their engagements, and the enlightened views expressed in regard to the intimate connection of their proceedings with the honor of the Republic, have produced much general satisfaction and approbation;  and although aware how much the great concerns you have to direct must engross your attention, we are emboldened by those favorable sentiments to bring to your notice the circumstance of the deficiency in the means of the State of Indiana for the payment of her next dividend.  A word from you, or the least interposition in her favor, could not fail to afford relief in the present exigency;  and it appears to us that, in order to be effective, some measure should be adopted with as little as to delay possible.  A large portion of the stock, amounting $3,600,000, has had the interest and principal made payable with our house, and it would be desirable for us to be prepared, by the 1st June, with the necessary funds for the payment of the next dividend.

"We hope you will consider the subject of the present letter to be of sufficient importance to have your attention, as we are assured you would not fail to bestow it upon any point you deemed to be connected with the interests of the great Republic you preside over;  and we trust the importance we attach to it will form our excuse with you for entering fully into the explanation of our opinions.

"We beg leave to present to you the assurance of our high esteem and respect, and we have the honor to remain, sir, your obedient and humble servants,

N.M. Rothschild & Sons."

And these book-peddling morons invented letters because they are afraid of the Record and the Library (and the dipwads who sent them money for it).
Indicating, once again, that the idiot who invented the Ickleheimer letter, had no concept of reality:  you think that these people, who made a president in 1841, were sitting in London in 1861, awaiting some advice from some no-name senator ?

The inaugural address was on March 4 !  Mr. Rothschild made sure that he got a copy on the first boat !!

Oh, and by the way, in 1803, Baring (Brothers of London) purchased shares in the Bank of the United States for $1,287,600 ..... do ye think they gave up on America after 1811 ?

And the hand-written original is sitting where ?:--
Daniel Webster collection | Brandeis University
Folder 30:
August Belmont to Daniel Webster, April 21, 1841.
Enclosed are two letters forwarded from N.M. Rothschild & Sons of London

Not hidden, not locked away, not destroyed, .... IN the library, in the Congressional Globe;  but none of the low-life scum who sold you books would ever have the courage to go in there

A letter from the Secretary of State (of the United States), Daniel Webster, to the Senate of the United States:--
Department of State,
Washington, June 24, 1841.

"The Secretary of State, to whom has been referred the resolution of the Senate of the 14th instant, requesting the President of the United States to 'inform the Senate, if any application has been made officially to him, or the State, or Treasury Department, by the holders of State stocks, or others on their account, respecting the payment or assumption of them;  and to furnish copies of any correspondence which taken place in relation to the subject,' has the honor to report to the President, that various letters relating to the subject of State stocks have been received at this Department, copies of which, and of the papers communicated with them, are hereunto annexed, to wit:  from Messrs. de Rothschild and Sons bankers of the United States in London, dated the 2d of April, 1841, addressed to the late President of the United States;  extract of a letter from the same to the Secretary of State, dated the 7th of April;  letter from Joshua Bates to the Secretary of State, dated the 25th of May, extract of a letter from de Rothschild and Sons, dated the 26th of May;  letter to the Secretary of State from the Charge d'Affaires of the United States at the Hague, dated the 14th of May;  letter from Henry J. Williams to the Secretary of State, dated 14th of June.

"These letters not appearing to require any answers, none have been given.

"Respectfully submitted.
"Daniel Webster.
"To the President."

(Joshua Bates is of Baring;  there was also a letter from Hope & Co. of Amsterdam)

And another by the way:
on Thursday, July 8, 1841, Mr. Sergeant [John Sergeant, Penn., Whig; Chairman of Ways and Means; studied law, admitted to the bar] stood up in the House of Representatives and threatened the South, to their face, with a civil war if they don't stop standing in the way of progress (of central bank, funded debt, etc);  NOT with a splitting up the Union into two parts, but with a servile WAR !!!  (putting to rest the other moron who invented the Bismarck fairy tale)

And where was Honest A. Lincoln and his Dick in 1841 ?  sitting at his Whig mentor's stool, learning everything he knew.


Dear, oh dear "bankers of the United States in London" !!!  how did that get here ?!

anno 1836, Andrew Jackson President
any village monkey dares to say that the Rothschilds were not heavily involved in the United States in the early days of the 19th century !?!

from N.M. Rothschild, dated London, January 6th, to Messrs. J.L. & S. Joseph & Co. of New York:
The message of your president has produced at Paris as favorable an effect as could be desired upon the question with which France has been at variance with your government, and I am happy to inform you that the French government is now prepared to make the payment, on account of the indemnity, as soon as applied for. All kinds of stocks and American securities will experience the benefits of this result.

from baron de Rothschild, dated Paris, 7th January, addressed to Messrs. J.L. & S. Joseph & Co. New York:
We felt much obliged for your kind attention in sending us the message, and have the greatest pleasure in announcing to you that that document, so admirable for the considerate, digninfied and concilliating manner in which it presents the facts bearing on the points about which so much anxiety was felt on all sides, has produced here the most favorable sensation in every quarter, raised the scruples of this government, and determined them to inform yours, through the English cabinet, that they are ready to fulfill the financial as well as the other clauses of the treaty without delay. We expect soon to receive the instalments due, and have no doubt that this happy result will be received by the American nation with as much joy as it has created generally here.

from baron Rothschild, to Messrs. J.I. Cohen, jr. & Brothers, of Baltimore, dated Paris, January 7th, 1836.
We felt obliged for your kind attention in forwarding the president's message.

The proper view taken of the question, and the considerate manner in which it is presented in the document have had the most favorable effect, and instantly set the matter at rest. It was with real satisfaction that this government came to the determination of carrying the financial point of the treaty into immediate execution -- despatches have been sent to notify it through the medium of the British cabinet, and we are confident of being soon called upon to receive the instalments.

We hail this restoration of harmony with feelings of the most sincere pleasure, and with the hope that it will give fresh impulse to the commercial intercourse between the two countries.

And I quote, from the Record:---
"Under date of the 9th, [July 1838] the Secretary [of the Treasury, Mr. Levi Woodbury] wrote to N.M. de Rothschild & Sons, bankers, of London, sending them a copy of one of the bonds, and requesting them to negotiate a sale in England if possible. A copy of the law was also transmitted. On the 11th, similar communications were addressed to the American Minister at Paris, with a request that he would consult certain bankers named, and such other persons as he might think proper, and learn if a sale of the bonds could be effected in France within the terms of the law. On the 17th of July, a gentleman of Baltimore, [J.I. Cohen, jr. & Brothers ?] of known and approved qualifications for such a service, was addressed by the Secretary, to learn if he would consent, for the compensation of eight dollars per day and the payment of his expenses, to go to Europe as the agent of the Department, to make sale of the bonds.

"In the mean time, and on the 9th of July, letters were addressed to the president of one of the leading banks in each of the cities of New York and Boston, and to a gentleman in New York, known as the resident agent there of the banking houses of the Rothschilds in London and Paris [J.L.&S. Joseph & Co. ?], invoking the advice and aid of these individuals as to the sale of the bonds in this country, or in any foreign market."

Oh, so under Mr. Van Buren's Presidency, N.M. Rothschild was already banker for the United States !!  The sale of what bonds ?!  whhhell, the bonds of the Bank of the United States, the Federal Government had $7,000,000 share in that enterprise.  Now that Mr. Jackson put it out of existence, and it re-incarnated as a Pennsylvania bank, they want to sell their bonds.

You go into partnership with a bank;
you cannot extricate yourself without sacrificing your own investment;
legislating against the bank, you are legislating against your own investment;
try to sell the stock which will be worthless through your legislation;
you require the services of bankers, will these bankers not ask for a favour from you ?
In 1834 N.M. Rothschild succeeded in obtaining the business of undertaking the United States Government's banking interests in Europe, hitherto in the hands of Barings. The Rothschilds represented the U.S. Government until 1843, when Barings' ally, Daniel Webster, then Secretary of State, restored the accounts from Rothschilds to Barings.

News item, October, 1833.
"The Girard Bank of Philadelphia, and the Manhattan Bank of New York, have made arrangements with the American agent of the Rothschilds of London, for the loan of one and a half million dollars, each."
---Following the death of Steven Girard --who was great friend of the first Bank of the United States, and second largest shareholder in the second Bank of the United States-- enterprising gentle men acquired the name "Girard Bank" and commenced banking operations, but without the money of Steven Girard.  To this new Girard Bank and the Manhattan Bank, the Bank of the United States was a competitor.
On September 25, 1833, Secretary of the Treasury, Roger Brooke Taney, issued his Treasury Order to deposite the Federal Government's moneys in certain State banks, and not in the Bank of the United States.  The Girard Bank and the Manhattan Bank were designated as future receipients of Federal deposites --which gave them, and their notes, credit;  would these banks not be (and have been) supporters of those who opposed and voted against the re-charter of the Bank of the United States ?  Would NMR behind them, not have been opposed to the Bank of the United States ?
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« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2012, 11:34:25 AM »

Conspiracists, especially the book-peddler kind, to demonstrate that they have not studied the story of banking in the United States, often regurgitate the fabrication that James A. Garfield, sometime President of the United States, was an opponent of the banking interests, and for this reason the intenational money power hired someone to eliminate him.  For whatever reason he was wasted, it was certainly not because he was against bankers;  throughout his political career he was a dedicated servant of bond and gold interests.  His congressional activities have shown this, and at the time it was very well know whose side he was on;  only 20th century know-nothing wannabees made him out to be a martyr, a victim of bankers who wanted to stand up for the nation.

Quote from: 1882.March.30th
What, then, is the duty of Congress ?  Money being absolutely indispensable in conducting the commerce of the country, and Congress possessing the sole power to issue it, it is the duty of that body to exercise that power to the fullest extent that, in its judgment, the commerce of the country and the interests of all the people demand.

And as essential to the beneficence of this exercise of power the same body exercising it should have complete control of the volume of the money so issued.

Why should this be so ?

Because Congress is the representative of the people, and they have not only delegated to it the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof, but they have also empowered it to regulate commerce with foreign nations and between the states.

Money being absolutely essential as a means for regulating commerce, Congress must have power to regulate the volume of the currency in order to enable it to regulate the commerce of the country.

Whoever controls the volume of the currency of a country controls its financial and commercial destiny.

This proposition was clearly and forcibly expressed by Hon. James A. Garfield in the House of Representatives of the United States on the 5th day of April, 1880, while discussing the Weaver resolutions, which declare 'that all currency, whether metallic or paper, necessary for the use and convenience of the people, should be issued and its volume controlled by the government, and not by or through the bank corporations of this country, and when so issued should be a full legal tender in the payment of all debts, public and private.'

In opposing this resolution, Mr. Garfield said :
   'It would convert the Treasury of the United States into a manufactory of paper money.  It makes the House of Representatives and the Senate, or the caucus of the party who happens to be in the majority, the absolute dictator of the financial and business affairs of the country.'

These were truthful words, fitly spoken, and I would that they could be impressed upon the heart and inscribed upon the intellect of every American in letters of living light that would grow brighter and brighter to the perfect day.

Although these words were spoken in opposition to the principles set forth in the resolution, it does not change the fact.

The question was, Who should exercise this power, the Congress of the United States--the people’s servants, who are responsible to them and chosen by the voice of a majority of the people--or the associated bankers, who are not the servants of the people, not chosen by them and not responsible to them ?

If this power, being vested in Congress, would constitute that body the absolute dictator of the financial and business affairs of the country, it would give that same dictatorship to the national bankers if intrusted in their hands.

If given to them it would simply govern the commerce of this country by the decisions of the bank parlor instead of by legislative action ;  and it is the choice between these two methods of government that is pressing itself upon us now.
Mr. Weaver was the leader of the Greenback Party.
These were the objections of Representative Garfield in full:--
" There are three things in this resolution to which I wish to call the attention of the House before they vote.  The first is a proposition of the largest possible proportion, that all money, whether of coin or paper, that is to circulate in this country ought to be manufactured and issued directly by the government.  I stop there.  I want to say on that proposition to the majority in this House, who are so strongly opposed to what they call centralization, that never was there a measure offered to the Congress of so vast and far-reaching centralism.  It would convert the Treasury of the United States into a manufactory of paper money.  It makes the House of Representatives and the Senate, or the caucus of the party which happens to be in the majority, the absolute dictator of the financial and business affairs of this country.  This scheme surpasses all the centralism and all the Cæsarism that were ever charged upon the Republican party in the wildest days of the war or in the events growing out of the war.

" Now, I say, without fear of contradiction, that prior to 1862 the wildest dreamer in American finance was never wild enough to propose such a measure of centralization as that single proposition implies.  The government should prescribe general laws in reference to the quality and character of our paper-money, but should never become the direct manufacturer and issuer of it.

" The second point involved in this resolution is that the government of the United States shall pay all its public debts in this manufactured money, manufactured to order at the Treasury factory.  Notwithstanding the solemn and acknowledged pledge of the government to pay the principal and interest of its public debt in coin, this resolution declares that in this legal-tender paper the public debt shall be payable.

" Now, the third point in this resolution is, that there shall be no refunding of the $782,000,000 to fall due this year and next, but that all shall be paid.  How ?  Out of the resources of the nation ?  Yes;  but the money to be manufactured at the Treasury is to be called part of these resources.  Print it to death--that is the way to dispose of the public debt, says this resolution.

" I have only to say that these three make the triple-headed monster of centralization, inflation and repudiation combined.  This monster is to be let loose on the country as the last spawn of the dying party that thought it had a little life in it a year ago.  It is put out at this moment to test the courage of the two political parties;  it is offered at this moment when the roar of the Presidential contest comes to us from all quarters of the country.  In a few moments we shall see what the political parties will do with this beast.  All I have to say for one is, meet and throttle in, the name of honesty, in the name of the public peace and prosperity, in the name of the rights of individual citizens of this country against centralism, worse than we ever dreamed of, meet it and fight it like men.  Let both parties show their courage by meeting boldly and putting an end to its power for mischief.  Let the vote be taken."

In 1866, Mr. Garfield heartily supported and voted for the reduction of currency --on March 19th, 1866, he and Rep. Beaman submitted the resolution to resuscitate the comatose currency contraction bill, the first version of which had been voted down three nights before;  in 1869 he voted for the credit strengthening act (some opponent of bankers and bondholders)

The views of James A. Garfield on the Financial Policy of the Country.
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